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Sound Equipment

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Sound Desks

X32 Digital Sound Desk

X32 S16 Stage Box

Alto Live 802

PA Speakers

Achat 112A Active Top

Achat 118A Active Subwoofer

Alto TS312 Active Speaker

Alto TS315 Active Speaker

Alto TS315S Active Subwoofer

Radio Microphone Kits

Sennheiser G3 Bodypack Kit (Headset)

Sennheiser G3 Bodypack Kit (Lapel mic)

Sennheiser G3 Handheld Kit


Sure SM57

Sure SM58

Audio Technica Pro 45

Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun

Gooseneck Conferee Microphone

Conference Microphone

Sound Accessories

DIB 100 DI Box

2 Channel USB Sound Card

Tabletop Microphone Stand

Short Microphone Stand

Tall Microphone Stand

QFX Speaker Stand

K&M Sub Pole

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