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Lighting Equipment

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Moving Fixtures

Robe 250AT Spot

Robe Clubspot 300ct

Equinox Fusion 200 Zoom Spot

Equinox Fusion 260ZR

Equinox Fusion 120 Zoom wash

Stairville MH-X25 spot

LED Fixtures

4 Cell Led Floods RGB

LEDJ 150w Studio Cob

Elumen8 ALU Quad Par 64

LEDJ Slimline 7Q5

Equinox RGB Power Batten (White Housing)

Stairville LED Bar 204/8 30

UV Led Bar


Generic Fixtures

Acclaim ZoomSpot Narrow

Acclaim Fresnel 650w

Strand PC Fresnel 650w

ETC Source 4 Zoom

ETC Source 4 Jr

ETC Source 4 Mini 26 Lens

ETC Source 4 Par

Par 16 230v Black (Led Lamp)

Par 64 Black

Strand Profile 

2 cell blinder


LEDJ Rapid qb1 Hex (Black Housing)

LEDJ Slimline 7Q5

Fairy Lighting & Festoon

20m white festoon 0.5m spacing

Golf Ball Lamp (Warm or Cool white)

400  Fairy Light String

1000 Fairy Light String

Led Fairy Light Net

Outdoor Fixtures

Elumen8 Outdoor Led Par

Led Outdoor Flood with Color Gel (100w equivalent)


ETC Element Console

Zero88 FLX S24 Console

Avolites Titan Mobile

Chauvet Data Stream 4 DMX Splitter

Stairville DMX Splitter 

Emergency Lighting

3hr Maintained Emergency Light (16a plug)

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