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Image by Arjay Bernardo


Browse our full range of rigging equipment below


Global Truss F34 - 0.5m

Global Truss Quad F34 - 1m

Global Truss Quad F34 - 2m

Tri Truss - 3m

Global Truss F34 Base Plate Small

Global Truss F34 Heavy Duty Base Plate

Global Truss Quad F34 90 Degree Corner

Pipe & Drape

6ft to 10ft Upright

8ft to 14ft Upright

6ft to 20ft Crossbar

450mmx450mm Heavy Duty Base Plate


1m Steel Scaffolding

2m Steel Scaffolding

2m Aluminum Scaffolding

3m Aluminum Scaffolding

Fixed 90 degree clamp

Swivel 90 degree clamp

Fixed T Coupler

Gravlock Coupler

Chain Hoist

1t 10m Chain Block

Miscellaneous Rigging

2t Round Sling (various sizes)

Tank Trap / Boom Base

Stage Weight

Boom Arm 250mm

2 Channel Cable Ramp

Cable Mat - Various Sizes

Doughty Studio Comet Stand

Pulse DJ Lighting Truss Stand


We have a range of sizes available - Contact us for details

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